Hotest IMERsive Technology for 2019

Virtual Reality || Augmented Reality || Artifical Intelligence|| Security

Offering Immersive Next Generation Technologies

Moving Circuit is dedicated to helping emerging companies highlight their technology.

  • Virtual Reality - Hardware, Accessories, Software, Content Creation Tools, Immersive Content
  • Augmented Reality - Assets, Tools, Hardware
  • Artificial Intelligence - Chatbots, Machine Learning Tools, Predictive Thinking
  • Security and Analytics - Physical world meets Virtual with hardware and software tools to protect our physical environment


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MAKING CONNECTIONS with new technology

Tools & Assets


3D Objects, Virtual Environments, Data Sets, and

Recognition Tools, can help.

Content Creation Tools

Content is king in AR/VR like other forms of media. Moving Circuit is committed to making connections between cutting edge creation tools and those looking to create.

AR/VR Ready?

Assistance in putting together providers and creators to ensure a complete solution. Hardware/Software/Mobility 

AI and Identification

Facial Recognition and Identificaction in and outside a virtual environment. Software and Hardware tools to make this a reality

4D VR Accessories

To make VR more immersive it goes beyond a headset. MovingCircuit with cutting edge technology partners makes VR Experiences more immersive

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Contact us with questions regarding AR/VR or cutting edge AI/Security


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is exactly?

We are here to help facilitate business between small and medium sized companies and a variety of customers. Our specialization is in cutting edge technologies including AR/VR || AI/ML/ANALYTICS || Physical Security.

What if I need help selling my newly developed product/technology?

Please reach out by clicking one of the buttons above so that we can talk over what might work best for you. There are a number of things we can do to get your new products in front of the right people. 

What if we are looking to purchase tools to help with our project?

We can assist in providing a strategic relationship between you and the manufacturers we represent. Our goal is to help you be successful with our partners products along with other non competing partners in the industry.

What if I need consulting help?

We would be happy to discuss  your project and how we could help.

How long has been involved in these technology areas?

Moving Circuit was started in 2014 and has been involved in a number of different projects. We have had extensive experience with all our disciplines outlined above.

Is hiring

We are always looking for people interested in joining our team. Please connect through one of the "HELP" links above.

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