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Helping the world become virtual

Moving Circuit is dedicated to helping individuals find the VR package that exceeds their expectations. We do all the research and remove the guess work so you can focus on the experience.

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Simplifying the VR experience

3D Models

Render objects in real life directly into your VR experience. With our cutting edge software you'll become limitless in the VR environment.

Utilize New Applications

Here at Moving Circuit we take the guess work out of VR, we offer a wide variety of software solutions depending on your needs.

VR Ready Machines

Are you worried your computer wont be able to give you that optimal VR experience? No problem, we offer VR machines that wont allow for frame-rate and visual distortion.

Mobile Rendering

Take the world of Virtual Reality and put it in your hands. We offer a wide array of mobile solutions for multiple use cases.

4D FX Equipment

Our packages come pre-composed with premium virtual peripherals. Take your VR experience to the next level with 4D equipment. 

Efficiency Focused

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.


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Entry Level Package

Interested in VR but not 100% sure about if it something you'll love? The Entry level package is perfect for you. This package allows anyone to jump into the VR experience without breaking the bank

Legendary Package

Ready to experience the best of what VR has to offer? The Legendary package allows you to do just that, we made sure its ready to deliver the highest VR experience.

Custom Build

Can VR help your business or help you jump into a new hobby? Talk with one of our sales professionals to find out what the best hard-ware for you is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this one size fit all?

Yes we have both children and adults use it. The straps are size to fit, the mask is not but it seems to fit everyone from 7 years old to 40 years old.

What happenes when your PC that doesn't meet the requirements

Your frame-rate will be low, your tracking will be poor, and it will generally make you sick feeling as what your body is doing, doesn't correspond to what your brain is seeing so you get a crappy and unenjoyable time. Here at Moving Circut we make sure your computer you purchase is VR ready.

Can this be used with eyeglasses?

Yes. There are knobs on the side (where the side-straps come to an end) that can be pulled out and turned to have the front of the headset extend further out to fit eye glasses. 

Do the VR units come with any warranty?

12 months free warranty from HTC! 

I am prone to getting dizzy. Is this advanced enough to not give me a headache/nauseous?

it really depends on the content. However, if you are prone to motion sickness, i recommend you demo the vive somewhere before buying it. 

Will the VR work on a mac?

No, there is no Mac powerful enough, you have to purchase a Windows machine.

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